Upcoming Events

For directions to meeting places, arrangements to meet you along the way, and other information, contact Bill Ostrander at 607-732-3370 or browncreeper9@gmail.com. CVAS is committed to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our conservation and education programs and to welcoming all who wish to work and learn with us. Any person, regardless of age, race, religion, ability, or gender identity, who is interested in wild life study, protection, and conservation, may be enrolled as a member upon receipt of the first payment of dues.

CVAS Events

June 10 7:00p

CVAS Book Club

Meet in the Private Dining Room at Appleridge (Map) as we choose our next book list.

June 17 6:30p Annual Picnic at Sperr Memorial Park
It's that time again! Audubon members are invited to attend our annual picnic at Sperr Memorial Park on Thursday, June 17, at 6:30pm. This year things will be a little different because of COVID. We ask that you bring your own supper and drinks (no dish to pass). If you are not vaccinated, please wear your mask when not eating/drinking and maintain social distancing. We can't wait to see you!

Other Events

All Season  

Montezuma Audubon Society
The Montezuma Audubon Society has birding and boating events all season long! Visit the Montezuma Audubon website for more information and to register.

Come Bird with Us!

June 23 - 30 7pm Big Atlas Weekend

Big Atlas WeekendIf this year’s “Big Day” didn’t fit into your busy spring schedule, here’s another chance to make your birding count! How about a Big Atlas Weekend? This exciting new event is a fun way for birders from across the state to document breeding birds and come together as a birding community. For many birds in the Northeast, breeding peaks in late June. It’s a great time to confirm breeding and fill gaps in the Atlas data.

This event is being coordinated across four states that are conducting Breeding Bird Atlases right now—New York, Maine, Maryland and DC, and North Carolina.


All event details are posted on eBird's events calendar and on their Facebook. There are prize opportunities for birders of all skill levels!