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For directions to meeting places, arrangements to meet you along the way, and other information, contact Bill Ostrander at 607-207-0000 or browncreeper9@gmail.com. CVAS is committed to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our conservation and education programs and to welcoming all who wish to work and learn with us. Any person, regardless of age, race, religion, ability, or gender identity, who is interested in wild life study, protection, and conservation, may be enrolled as a member upon receipt of the first payment of dues.

CVAS Events

Jun 13 7:00 PM

CVAS Book Club

We will meet to select our next book list. You can find our most recent book list here. We meet in the Conference Room at Appleridge, 168 Miller St., Horseheads, NY. All CVAS members are welcome. The facility is wheelchair accessible.

Directions: Use Parking Lot A and enter the front door to the lobby. Proceed to the large staircase on your right and go up one floor. At the top of the stairs turn right. The Conference Room is the first door on your right. Or, use an elevator to the left of the staircase in the lobby.

Jun 22 9:00 AM

CVAS Monthly Meeting
Picture of folks enjoying lunch at Gleason cabin.

We will be holding the June CVAS meeting at the Gleason Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary. The event will feature a dish-to-pass brunch. Bring your favorite breakfast snack to share. Paper plates, cups and silverware will be provided. Remember, there is no electricity at the site so we can't provide power for crockpots or other appliances.

Meet at 8:00 AM at the Fitches Bridge boat launch (Route 225 off W. Water Street in West Elmira). We will check for birds at the boat launch, then carpool/convoy to the Sanctuary. Or meet up with the group at the Sanctuary at 9:00 AM.

Other Events

All Season  

Montezuma Audubon Society
Come Bird with Us!The Montezuma Audubon Society has birding and boating events all season long! Visit the Montezuma Audubon website for more information and to register.

All Season  

Birding Festivals
Cornell Lab LogoA great way to enjoy bird watching is by going to festivals—they're organized to get you to great birding spots at a great time of year, and they're a great way to meet people. Experts and locals help you see more birds, and you'll meet other visitors who share your hobby. While you're there, keep an eye out for Cornell Lab representatives, as they do attend several festivals each year. You can find a complete list of birding festivals here.

Mar 9 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Appleridge Open House

Appleridge will be having their Open House from 1pm - 3pm. We have our meetings and book club here and would love for you to support this event. Come see why they're the #1 Retirement Community in the Twin Tiers! View the flyer and more information about this event here.

Mar 26 - May 14 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Spring Ornithology with Steve Kress
A picture of Steve Kress holding just the cutest little bird ever, the Atlantic puffin! It has a an adorable round head that is white with a black stripe down the back and a cute little orange beak and cute little orange webbed feet. Honestly, it looks like it could be a stuffed animal, but it's not! It's totally real! Squee!

Registration is now open for the Cayuga Bird Club’s Spring Ornithology with Steve Kress, held Tuesday evenings March 26 through May 14 at Kendal at Ithaca. You can attend each class either in person OR via Zoom this coming spring! This is a great way to learn more about birds and their lives! Dr. Kress’s presentations, enhanced with audio recordings, videos, and gorgeous photos, will include bird ID, song, behavior, migration, conservation, attracting birds, and more.

Classes will be recorded for students to view or review at their convenience. Details and registration at Cayuga Bird Club. You can find more information on this flyer, too.

The class is suitable for beginners, but even seasoned birders will find their lives enriched by exploring fascinating aspects of the lives of birds they thought they knew.