Upcoming Events

For directions to meeting places, arrangements to meet you along the way, and other information, contact Bill Ostrander at 607-732-3370 or browncreeper9@gmail.com.

CVAS Events

June 11
7:00p CVAS Book Club
Meet in the Private Dining Room at Appleridge (Map) as we choose our next book list. Our current book list is available here. Our archived book list is available here.

Other Events

Jun 11 - 14 All Day Southern Adirondack Audubon | 16th Annual Hamilton County Birding Festival

Speculator, Lake Pleasant, Piseco, Blue Mountain Lake, Indian Lake, Long Lake, Raquette Lake and Inlet

In June, the Adirondack Birding Festival in Hamilton County celebrates the height of breeding season with 4 days of birding hikes, walks, safaris, outings and presentations throughout the county.

Nesting birds, rising trout, rushing water, wildflowers, and the newborn of many species make the woods and waters of Hamilton County a desirable location to explore. While birding in the park is enjoyable throughout the entire year, during springtime it is a place of excitement and discovery. By June, all of the birds that migrate to the Adirondack region for the summer have arrived and are in the height of breeding season.

All of the outings and presentations during the birding festival are FREE. Registration is required for each outdoor event. Registration is appreciated, but not necessary, for the evening presentations.

Call in advance to confirm. Call (518) 548-3076 or (800) 648-5239 to register!