eBird Tracker

Real-Time Tracking of Local Birds

eBird is a tool we use to keep track of the birds we find. It's basically a virtual check-list program that all of our members can use to keep track of the birds we see and share those sightings with one another. It has a very simple, easily learned interface where we put in where, when, and how we went birding, then input a list of the birds we saw (or didn't see--also important!). You'll notice we use BirdTrax on some of our pages to show you a list of birds that have been sighted in the area. This county-level information is pulled direction from the eBird database! The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society launched eBird in 2002, and its been a great source of information on bird populations and distributions since then.

eBird Data for Chemung County

eBird Data for Steuben County

eBird Data for Allegany County

eBird Data for Schuyler County